Welcome to ALIWAY

Fast forward to the future, and then begin to rewind to the past, it will then be all about the memories, reflecting the moments that have passed. Capturing them in a visual form, in pictures to re-tell a story is what makes photography special. Welcome to ALIWAY, a creative, unobtrusive documentary style of photograph all about 'capturing moments, creating memories'.

ALIWAY was founded by Chartered Accountant Rooful Ali, defying the potential sterotype that Accountants are not creative by nature! His portfolio has grown from capturing friends' Weddings ,through experience the works now reflect a unique vibrant style. Appreciated by Clients for the ability to be at the right time and the right moment, yet still ensure the detail, decor, venue are also captured creatively, for that 'complete picture'. ALIWAY specialise in WEDDINGs but also undertake LIFESTYLE, FASHION and EVENT assignments. We are pleased to have developed a portfolio that is distinctive, and also proud to have on-hand associate photographers including female photographers (respecting cultural and religious sensitivities for female-only assignments) for handle larger assignments, split location or even unfortunate calendar clashes. Also, Ali is available to assist other professional photographers where they require second shooters - to-date, pleased to have been of assistance to other photographers.

In words

"My inspiration is drawn from simply seeing 'faces and places' of everyday life, which I call 'street spirit', which fits perfectly with my brandname - playing on both my name, ALI and that notion of 'street' - ALIWAY.

Capturing culture, colours and diverse communities, is what makes my work so enjoyable. This is reflected in my work to date, spanning Weddings, Events and Fashion shoots. Every now and again, the travel assignments which have been fortunate to undertake, fuels my passion to take my work to the next level, yet my faith, undertaking community and charity work (Founder of Emerald Network) keeps my feet on the ground.

My faith also makes me grateful for everything everyday, and everyone I've met along the way. Self-taught, I feel blessed to have developed my skills and creative eye, always admire the creative talent in the industry. I am delighted and humbled for the assignments to-date, Clients who have chosen me with faith in my style and approach.

So, say hello, get in touch, will be honoured to 'capture moments, and create future memories'.